Southern Regional Case Study
Southern Regional Medical Center is a 406-bed medical/surgical facility located in Riverdale, Georgia who needed assistance to better control agency staffing, organize their invoicing procedures, and gain visibility of costs in a more realistic timeframe. Using StafferLinkFSM™, Southern Regional implemented a highly successful solution which allowed them to harness and control their staffing process and better manage their agency vendors.
The Challenge
When we were first introduced, Southern Regional Medical Center had already centralized their staffing process utilizing a central staffing office. All managers within the facility contacted the staffing office to request staff. However, the staffing office was still faced with the task of distributing these needs to the many agencies that were supporting them. The CFO was also very concerned with the inability to forecast agency expense as well as the constant battle over accruing past costs. Another major concern was the facility being at the mercy of the agencies in the billing process and struggle to pay agency vendors in a timely manner. There was a full time employee who was dedicating as much as 90 percent of her time checking invoices received from their agencies and there was a general perception that many discrepancies could still be overlooked. These issues identified a need for a more streamlined process all the way from the scheduling request to payment for services rendered.
The Solution
Spearheaded by StafferLink's alliance partner MBA, Inc., StafferLinkFSM™ was introduced to the facility management. When first meeting with the Southern Regional management team, they expressed the desire to control this process by utilizing their internal staffing structure rather than turning the staffing process over to a vendor manager. With StafferLink and MBA's assistance, the facility's staffing personel were guided through the setup, implementation and ultimately the operation of the program while allowing them to make the crucial choices and decisions necessary for their requirements.
The Results

Time & Attendance

To solve the facilities top priority, it was clear that implementing a precise clock in and out method for agency personnel was needed. Southern Regional employs Kronos for their internal staff, but did not want to bare the expense for supplemental staff. This was a perfect fit for StafferLinkFSM's integrated timeclock. This feature ensures supplemental staff clocks into the correct area, is ready to start work when the time is captured, and distributes cost to the correct cost center. This gave the facility the ultimate solution to "real" time capture of actual worked hours. By doing so, significant improvements wer made to streamline the accounts payable process. The system allows Southern Regional to pay what they agree they owe without handling and verifying the multiple invoices from their agencies. By implementing this single feature, the facility estimates having saved $ 200,000.00 of FTE costs, invoice discrepancy, and personel productivity in their first year.

Order Distribution

Faxes and emails was the method by which staffing orders were communicated to staffing agencies until Southern Regional implemented the order distribution feature of StafferLinkFSM. Since then, agencies have grown dependant on the system for a fast and efficient means of scheduling. Little or no time is lost searching for candidates because everyone immediately knows when orders are released, filled, and cancelled.


The reporting in StafferLinkFSM™ allows Southern Regional to view external staff expenses by pay period, month, quarter, or any timeframe needed. Southern Regional can look into the future to determine what expenditures they can anticipate and react accordingly. This information is available in hours as well as dollars, and can be looked at to develop trends by units, or specific discipline.

As a direct result of implementing just a few of these features, the facility has been able to eliminate their manual and paper staffing processes, take complete control over time and attendance which in turn has solved the invoice reconciliation process. All the while, the reporting capabilities have provided Southern Regional better cost visibility and containment on all levels of the organization.
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