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Web Based
Over the past several years many prospective and existing clients have requested internet based staffing solutions. We have diligently and methodically worked through web-based design to deliver StafferLinkASM™. This astounding new product will take your medical staffing to new heights with a streamlined and intuitive interface for a rapid response to your client's needs. Consider just a few benefits of a completely web based solutions including:
  • No hardware to install and maintain
  • Product updates are provided instantly
  • Accessibility anywhere internet service is available...perfect for nightcall and weekend users
  • Low startup costs & monthly based fees means better cash flow and faster ROI
The centalized data model employed by StafferLinkASM™ makes the management of multiple branch operation easier than ever. Centralization also means better control of setup issues and standardizing your operations. Another side benefit it gives users direct access to information pertaining to their role in your organization. Staffers, recruiters, accountanting users and managers on levels can be configured and provide access to the modules and "real-time" data they need the most.
Scalable and Flexible
While medical staffing practices are generally common, our experience has shown us that our agency clients each operate differently. StafferLinkASM™ has extensive setup features allowing our clients to tailor the system to fit their own unique style of operation. Most of all, StafferLinkASM is fully scalable to meet your demands regardless of your agency size and organization. The system design incorporates enterprise level features for managing branches, regions and extensive user security while meeting the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley. However, we have not ignored our smaller clients with practical solutions while giving them opportunity to compete and grow in an expanding marketplace.
Quality Control
StafferLinkASM™'s credentialing capabilities are second to none. All of our products have always distinguished themselves with highly flexible and practical credentialing tools. This system is no exception and in fact has been expanded to help our clients meet JCAHO compliance standards and maintain high quality personnel. Our largest clients are JCAHO certified and accredited mainly due to the automated and proactive tools our products deliver.
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