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Product Modules
A list of the major modules of StafferLinkASM are listed below. Interactive demos are currently being created and will be available soon. Click here to schedule a demo with one of our representatives.


The Registry module captures specific details about your healthcare professionals. StafferLinkASM uses this information to insure your candidates are properly skilled and credentialed to help you stay compliant and meeting your clients expectations. In addition to scheduling preferences, HR information and payroll parameters are kept to help your agency comply with labor department standards.


StafferLinkASM maintains a detailed client profile to help you tailor your services to your clients. Contacts, Departments, Rates and several other sub-modules define your client's organizational structure. Many client specific billing and invoicing standards can be captured to insure accuracy and quick turn around of your invoices.


StafferLinkASM makes adding, booking, and confirming schedules a breeze with an intuitive interface while keeping your staffers efficient and on task. Integration of the "Intouch" modules insures the entire staffing office knows precisely what activity transpires with each order. Several different calendarized viewpoints of orders makes navigation simple and fast.

Timecards & Payroll

Timecards flow directly from schedules ready for approval and processing. Fully taxed payroll checks are available on demand for daily instant pay or weekly if you prefer. Every tax entity is carefully considered right down to local taxes. Deductions and Benefits are also taken into consideration for a complete payroll solution. The very same entries move on for invoicing and accounting making StafferLinkASM a single-entry system to complete the staffing process.


The Rates module allows you so specifically categorize your contracted rates with each and every client. Rates incorporate several levels of details such as definition of weekday and weekends, shift differentials, AM to PM vs. PM to AM, mileage and much more. The organization of rates also consider your disciplines, departments and specialties to cover the entire scope of rates as they pertain to medical staffing.


Healthcare staffing requires a great deal of detail communication with registrants, clients, internal staff, etc. The StafferLinkASM Intouch module is fully integrated with every module for constant monitoring of recruitement, credentialing, and staffing events. Intouch delivers a high degree of contact management and documentation required for our specialized staffing niche.

Work History

Work history encompasses which clients a registrant has completed assignments or from a different view point which registrants have been at a particular client. Orientation is also capture right down to the department level. On its own work history may not mean much, but incorporated into the searching and matching process, it makes all the difference to inform staffers of important details required to fill an open need with the appropriate person.


No staffing system is entirely complete without some method of delivering invoices to your clients. StafferLinkASM carefully considers the special demands of your clients and allows you to tailor invoices accordingly. Better cash flow is achieved by delivering highly accurate and complete invoices via your client's choice of email, fax or printed methods. StafferLinkASM combines that with cash application, credit/debit demos and bad debt, GL transactions and more to provide a full featured accounting solution.

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