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Detailed Registry
StafferLinkASM™ refers to your field staff employees and contractors as registrants. The Registry is where your candidate profiles are maintained. All crucial information is captured to insure a complete profile of your most important resource is fully stored and accessible. In addition to typical demographic, contact, preferences and HR/Payroll data, the registry module spans several pages to profile such items as:
  • Specialties and Skills
  • Credentials
  • Registrant specific pay rates and adjustments
  • Work History
  • Document Scanning
  • Scheduling Availability
Client Profiling
Healthcare providers come in all types and sizes from large acute care facilities and long-term patient care to clinics and much more. Each has their own unique demands on your agency which are recognized within StafferLinkASM™. An extensive client profile allows for:
  • Departments, floor, units, and areas
  • Contacts
  • Detailed Rate Management
  • Special Billing Circumstances and Requirements
  • Purchase Orders and Extended Credit History
  • Recognized Holidays
At the heart of StafferLinkASM™ is a highly responsive and interactive scheduling system. Healthcare staffing places a high demand on fast turn around of client orders as healthcare providers most often choose first to respond agencies. Priority and visibility of scheduling orders with easy navigation and efficient searching and matching mechanisms are built in to our interface to insure your agency success in filling your clients needs rapidly and with the most qualified candidates.
  • Multilple data views including weekly and monthly calendars
  • Color coding to highlight staffing priorities
  • Easy Confirmation and Cancelation
  • Customizable search criteria
  • Insured Credential Compliance
Timecards and Payroll
Beyond scheduling, the next logical step in the staffing process is time and attendance and properly paying your registrants. StafferLinkASM™ provides highly intuitive features to insure your payroll checks are complete and accurate. An integrated tax engine calculates taxes and adheres to payroll legalities with minimal effort from your users.
  • Properly taxed payroll on-demand
  • Includes Deduction and Benefit capabilities
  • Timecard Scanning for documented time and attendance
  • Integration for pay cards and Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Maintains GL transactions for cost accounting
Invoicing and AR
Invoicing and collections for healthcare staffing services can be a complicated and delicate issue. StafferLinkASM™ provides highly customizable billing features and an accounts receivable system specialized to meet your client's demands. Your key to better cash flow is accuracy and easy validation of your invoices. Employ this feature of StafferLinkASM™ to minimize your accounting efforts and maximize your profits.
  • Attachment of timecard images eliminates paper shuffling and copying
  • Easily correct and re-print your invoices
  • Cash application with optional lock box importing
  • Credit and Debit Memos and Bad Debt Application
  • GL Transaction history for AR and Revenue Accounts
Accounting Integration
StafferLink™ recognizes that accounting solutions are difficult to satisfy 100%. For that reason, we focus on what we know best and leave specialized accounting tasks to the experts like Great Plains, MAS90, ADP, Ceridian, and Paychex just to name a few. With dedicated interfaces, we can provide you with full turnkey solutions and close the gap between our products and your trusted accounting system of choice.
  • Export to your choice of General Ledger
  • Tax filling exports to Ceridian
  • Reporting with MS Excel™ capabilities
  • Development of customized interfaces
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