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The healthcare staffing industry is ever changing at a rapid pace. An ever growing shortage of healthcare professionals and dependancy on contingent staffing resources increases the demand for staffing software tools and technology to meet these challenges. Other challenges unique to medical staffing include fluctuating institutional patient census, new technologies requiring special training, and recruitment and retension of "qualified" professionals. Most traditional staffing systems are not designed to accommodate the special needs of the healthcare field let alone keep up with the rate of change.

StafferLinkASM™ is the newest product in the StafferLink™ product family. StafferLinkASM™, like its predecessor, StaffMED™, is a turnkey medical staffing system focusing on management of healthcare staffing agencies. StafferLinkASM™ has been added to our product line in order to respond to the overwhelming demand for internet based strategies. This system fully automates agency staffing front and back office operations with complete solutions from order scheduling through payroll and invoicing. StafferLinkASM™ is an extremely feature rich application scalable to service large enterprise and small agencies alike.
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