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Rapid Service
StafferLinkFSM™ operates in “real-time” meaning the staffing process is constantly monitored and communicated thereby improving response and efficiency of facilities and agencies alike. Agency responses, candidate submissions and acceptance, and cancellations are instant and allow for review based on facility specific competencies. These capabilities are intended to significantly reduce unnecessary and redundant phone, fax and ambiguous email. Doing so enables facilities and agencies to control cost and increase efficiency.

StafferLinkFSM enables providers to meet these challenges by:
  • Delivering real-time communication with internal staff and agencies
  • Fully automating the agency management process from order placement to invoice
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with proactive credentialing tools
  • Capturing real-time data for strategic analysis
Vendor Neutrality
StafferLinkFSM™ supplies the tool that serves the healthcare staffing community in a completely independent and neutral manner regardless of your position in the marketplace. Careful planning and development of features consider every entity and staffing management relationship possible. So whether you are a hospital facility trying to get a handle on agency staffing or internal pool, a staffing vendor, vendor on premise or primary agency seeking to add value to your service, StafferLinkFSM™ delivers the system to make it happen. It levels the playing field and ensures every identity is treated equally and fairly and according to their contractual agreements.
Cost Reduction
Healthcare staffing has a long history of being a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Time and labor add up to higher cost and inefficiency. StafferLinkFSM™ addresses various concerns of a healthcare delivery organization on many levels including Finance, Human Resources, nurse managers, department supervisors of and much more. Consider just a few of the benefits that StafferLinkFSM™ offers to help healthcare facilities and staffing vendors reduce their costs.
  • Credential/JCAHO compliance management
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Proactive scheduling efficiency
  • Immediate notification of scheduling events
  • Budgetary management and forecasting
  • Faster invoice reconciliation for billing accuracy and better cash flow management
  • Minimal implementation costs and rapid ROI
Control and Containment
StafferLinkFSM™ instantly enhances the decision making process by making crucial staffing information available on demand. This directly lowers cost and increases control and efficiency through better utilization of available resources, management of overtime and agency utilization. StafferLinkFSM™ permits all levels of facility management to view the "actual dollars" spent in "real-time" with robust reporting capabilities designed to raise spending awareness and encourage proactive response.
Improved Quality
StafferLinkFSM™ employs a highly customizable credential management system to keep healthcare professionals in compliance with licensure, immunizations, testing and more. Quality patient care and satisfaction is achieved by keeping your professionals screened and qualified and available when you need them most. The convenience of a web-enabled staffing model as delivered by StafferLinkFSM™ insures optimal deployment of staffing resources which ultimately means improved nurse to patient ratios and more accurate acuity levels.
Superior ROI
StafferLinkFSM™ introduces solutions for improved operational efficiencies and enhanced control that will result in hard and soft cost reductions with:
  • Shortened staffing cycles
  • Accrurate time and attendance methods
  • Optimized billing and invoicing processes
  • Increased internal operational and accounting efficiencies
  • Potential reallocation of administrative staff
Best of all, there is no need for a time-consuming software installation or costly hardware upgrades for facilities to take advantage of this value-added service. Being web-based, all that StafferLinkFSM™ requires is your internet browser and high speed connectivity.
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