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Product Modules
A list of the major modules of StafferLinkFSM is listed below. Click here to schedule a demo with one of our representatives.


The registry is typically populated by staffing vendors with candidates that will be submitted to open scheduling needs. Review and qualification of the registry is a facility function where StafferLinkFSM provides tools to review credentials and skills and to activate only qualified personnel. The registry can also be used by the facility to manage internal pool resources.

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The Order Module is where all scheduling takes place. Open schedules are entered by the facility or VMS provider and automatically sent to target agencies according to a pre-defined schedule of distribution. The efficiency of this module is one of the many StafferLinkFSM features producing a cost reduction in the staffing process by emiminating phone calls, faxes and emails and replacing it with on-line automation.

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Time & Attendance

The Timecard Module completes the staffing cycle by capturing actual time worked. The system automatically makes timecards available for approval and correction of time. Add on StafferLinkFSM's integrated timeclock for ultimate accuracy in time keeping or leverage one of our interfaces to other industry standard timeclock systems.

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Rate tables provide several benefits such as insuring agency billing accuracy, reporting both historical and projected costs for assistance with budgeting, and enforcing contractual agreements.

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Customizable performance evaluations are another differentiating feature of StafferLinkFSM. Facilities create their own custom tailored questionaires and StafferLinkFSM delivers them directly to supervisor's email at the appropriate time.

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StafferLinkFSM™ provides customizable reports making reporting capabilities virtually endless. The distribution server automatically delivers reports directly to any user's email. Just design and schedule a report and forget it. The server sends the report at the time intervals you specify.

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