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Scheduling & Distribution
The process begins when staffing needs are identified and entered into StafferLinkFSM™. Placing a single order or an entire schedule only takes seconds to accomplish and your needs are distributed instantly. No more faxes, making phone calls, and ambiguous emails. Your orders are sent simultaneously and with full regard for vendor lead times and tier distribution.
  • Simple and fast entry of scheduling orders
  • Handles per diem and long term contract assignments
  • Tier distribution and automation of lead time delivery
  • Automatic attachment of lead time delivery
Candidate Submissions
Agency vendors, internal pools and resources gain instant access to staffing needs as the facility allows and controls quickly and securely. The DNC gives staffing coordinators instant messages in “pop up toast” fashion on their PC as scheduling events take place whether new orders have arrived, cancellations take place, orders are filled, etc.
  • 27/7/365 access to schedules wherever web access is available
  • StafferLink™ Messenger alerts staffing coordinators of all activity
  • Real time communication for instant response and reaction
  • Credential document scanning and upload for facility review
Internal Pool
Many facilities are building and leveraging Internal Resource Pools as a means to fill open needs prior to releasing orders to staffing vendors. StafferLinkFSM™ incorporates several features to enhance that strategy by giving pool personnel the ability to log into the system and view all open needs. The mobile phone adds another layer of convenience with the greatest benefit of receiving instant notification for scheduled shifts.
  • Provide access to provide and manage availability
  • Review and apply to open orders and confirm schedules
  • Take advantage of mobile phone technology for scheduling notifications
Qualify & Review
As candidates are submitted to each order, StafferLink™ automatically pre-assesses each registrant for their skills to match your requirements, credentials to be in compliance, scheduling conflicts and potential overtime issues. At a glance, you can view who will best fill your needs and make informed decisions to improve your quality of staff and in turn affect the quality of care delivered by your organization.
  • Easily review candidate submissions and qualifications
  • Systematically monitors for credential compliance, billing rates, scheduling conflicts and overtime
  • Visibility of who is viewing your schedules and is responding
  • Improve decision making with complete review of rates, skills, credentials
  • Compare online performance evaluation scores and choose from the most qualified registrants
  • Candidate selection or cancellation immediately notifies all agencies preventing wasted resources searching for qualified staff
Online Registry
StafferLink refers to healthcare professionals as “registrants” and maintains a profile of each registrant containing skills, credentials etc. Credentials are proactively and constantly monitored for expiration in 30, 60, 90 day increments to help keep these important resources in compliance and available to work when you need them the most.
  • Central Qualified Registry
  • Skills and Credentials Maintenance
  • Proactive credential management tools and reporting
  • Unlimited On-line document management for each registrant
Time & Attendance
The next logical step towards full end to end automation is to turn schedules into timecards for review and billing approval. StafferLink provides this function seamlessly and will even work with you to integrate your time clock system.
  • Schedules automatically flow through to timecards
  • Automatically attaches rates and handles split shifts and differentials
  • Time clock systems integration including Kronos and ADP eTime
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