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Labor costs are the single largest expense for hospitals. The shortage of healthcare professionals has increased the demand for third party labor sources - staffing agencies - which are a rapidly growing component of this expense. The lack of strong internal controls to effectively manage staffing may lead to a host of operational and regulatory issues for providers, such as out of control agency costs, a lack of credentials verification and patient safety concerns, and decreased staff satisfaction. Add to this the fast pace and competitive nature of agency staffing introduces a clear necessity for a proactive tool to manage, support and analyze this process .

Since 2003 StafferLinkFSM has responded as an internet based staffing software solution to help providers manage both internal and external staffing needs and meet the objectives of good business and clinical practices.

From inception, StafferLinkFSM™ has been a service delivered in a variety of ways and business relationships. Vendor Management practices have become more common practice among many healthcare providers while others rely solely within their own staffing management infrastructure to manage this complex process. Still others have relied on staffing agencies acting as primary vendors or with vendor on premise (VOP) programs. StafferLinkFSM has effectively provided the technology in all instances while maintaining vendor neutrality and forming practical strategic alliances.
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